All Marlen Hatzopoulou’s collections share a common thread – they all appear to have come from another place or another time. Perhaps this is due to the vibrant, multi-cultural environment in Istanbul where she grew up, or perhaps due to her frequent travels to the East. Her pieces are crafted from traditional jewellery-making materials – gold, silver and precious stones – but also from other materials that intrigue her – ebony, coral, turquoise, bone, pearls, lace or any other element – regardless of material worth. The only requirements are beauty and the ability to embody her artistic vision. Marlen’s work resonates with echoes of diverse civilisations – Ancient Greek refinement Chinese ornamentation, African ritualism and Ottoman intricacy all participate in a promenade of imaginative design, geometric shapes, striking colours and polished reflections. The result is an enchanting world where inanimate objects are brought to life, find their own unique voices and tell their own unique stories.